About Nature Store

What is Nature Store?

This is an online store for the Hong Kong based Doujin Circle, Naturefour. We will presents a latest items seasonly. In addition, some limited items will also be announced on the website. A lot of books and stuffs are just made for lover’s and no more publish again, so please keep your copy if you interested!

Normally, Nature Store is open once a season. In addition, the opening and closing times will be different each time. Please pay attention to the time of ordering and shipping. * Kindly please notice that the store price may be greater than the exhibition price.

May i place an order in Nature Store at anytime?

Yes! You may only need to register for your account before ordering! Just be checked that the time of delviery time and processing time when checkout your orders. many thanks!

Nature Store has not limited to the mailing area, Overseas are welcome! Asia (including Japan / Singapore / Malaysia / Philippines / Thailand) and Europe and the United States (UK / Europe / US / Canada) can also be sent to the world. Freight rates vary slightly from place to place. Kindly please check the shipping method page to confirm the shipping cost before ordering.

In the official operation of the Nature Store, Kindly please check Q & A first to find out the answer if you have any questions about ordering or shipping.

If you can’t find what you want to know, please find us directly on Facebook’s page, thank you ^^

What is Naturefour?

We are a doujinshi organization based in Hong Kong. We mainly attend in the Hong Kong ACG exhibition (Creative Paradise) and Doujin events Rainbow Gala, Fancy Frontier in Taiwan, Comiket in Japan, and other doujinshi sales in China, Hong Kong, Taiwan and Japan. The creative style mainly in cute, fancy, and which is my favorite anime & games!

For every doujin event, we will try our best to publishing the new works, whether it be doujinshi or goods. its because only new works could represented that we are still in the process of creation, and that we can continue to progress and grow with our creation.

If you want to know more about Naturefour, take 5 ~ 10 minutes and go directly to Naturefour’s website to discover a bit more!